Capitolo Dagli organismi alle cellule

Paragrafo Origine della vita e teorie evolutive

Verso le competenze

Choose the correct answer.

1. A bacterium that synthesized its own complex compounds using energy released from chemical reactions would be categorized as a

  • heterotrophic prokaryote.
  • chemosynthetic prokaryote.
  • photosynthetic eukaryote.
  • chemosynthetic eukaryote.

2. Which of these statements does not describe the formation of the planets?

  • They were formed by thermonuclear reaction.
  • They were formed from gas and dust remaining after the sun was formed.
  • They grew from initial random collections of particles.
  • They were formed 4.6 billion years ago.

3. According to Darwin, all inherited variations among individuals within natural populations

  • are produced by a creative force.
  • give the individual a slight advantage.
  • occur by chance.
  • are generally useless to the organism.

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